Erin Greene Designs

From large remodles to simple makeovers Erin Greene Designs is a full service residential interior design firm based in San Francisco Bay Area. Erin helps clients create a space that represents their personality and personal style.

Erin Greene Designs is confident in assisting clients with a range of challenges including, selection of architectural details and finishes, collaborating with teams, decorating a functional beautiful space with furniture, accessories and incorporating unique one of a kind pieces.

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Erin was born and raised in the Central Valley of California. She went on to graduate from Chapman University. She spent time in Sacramento, CA before landing in San Francisco and discovering her true passion of interior design. Erin uses the beauty and inspiration of San Francisco to help clients create a space that feels unique and electric. Guiding clients to the finished product of thier space, that truly reflects their style is Erin's obsession . The energy, style and vibe of San Francisco is what keeps her inspired and never leaving this beautiful city. Erin and her son have called San Francisco their home after settling there for the last several years.

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